‘Vestur í bláinn’ is a multidisciplinary art project on immigration in Iceland, presenting a poetic and sensitive approach to notions of foreignness.

Julius Pollux started ‘Vestur í bláinn’ as an experimental music project, which combines voices of immigrants and refugees in Iceland with his own musical take on the subject.
Claire Paugam and Julius Pollux then teamed up to expand the project into an art exhibition and elevate political concerns within a poetic perspective, encouraging a humanistic and empathetic look on people’s stories, situations, emotions and backgrounds.

Local artists were invited to engage in a dialogue with the music pieces by creating the ten artworks that are presented in this exhibition.
The exhibition took place in ten public locations in Reykjavík from September 3rd to September 30th 2020.

Vestur í bláinn aimed to be a space for voices, different languages and stories of people from diverse origins, that are rarely heard in the context of arts or the public in general.

Thank you for your curiosity, thank you for listening.

Claire Paugam & Julius Pollux Rothlaender (curators)

Contact us

Claire Paugam: clapaugam@hotmail.fr

Julius Pollux Rothlaender: juliuspollux.net@gmail.com


The exhibition was supported by Myndlistarsjóður and Myndstef